African Countries and their Independence Dates

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Here is a list of all the African countries, their Independence dates and their colonial rulers or countries and a brief history of African Colonization and independence.
In the 17th century AD, European countries scrambled for and partitioned Africa. This continued until around 1905, by which time all the lands and resources of the continent of Africa had been completely divided and colonized by European countries. The only country that couldn’t be colonized due to strong resistance by the indigenes was Ethiopia, and Liberia which was a place for freed slaves from the Americas.
The struggle for independence started after World War II. This led to the independence of the Union of South Africa in 1931 through negotiations with the British Empire and Libya in 1951 from Italy; followed by others in the late 1950s. The road to African independence was very hard and tortuous often through bloody fights, revolts and assassinations. For example; Britain unilaterally granted “The Kingdom of Egypt” independence on Feb. 22nd 1922 after a series of revolts, but continued to interfere in government. More violent revolts led to the signing of the Anglo-Egyptian treaty in 1936 and a coupe detat tagged Egyptian Revolution in 1952 finally culminated in the Egyptian Republic declaration of June 18th; 1953. The peak year for independence came in 1960 when about 17 countries gained independence. These independence days are now celebrated as national day holidays in most countries of Africa.

List of all African countries and their Independence Days, colonial names and former colonizers.

COUNTRY                            INDEPENDENCE DAY                 COLONIAL NAME             COLONIAL RULERS
Algeria                                  July 5th, 1962                                                                                     France
Angola                                  November 11th; 1975                                                                       Portugal
Benin                                    August 1st; 1960                                                                                French
Botswana                            September 30th, 1966                                                                     Britain
Burkina Faso                      August 5; 1960                                                                                   France
Burundi                               July 1st; 1962                                                                                      Belgium
Cameroon                           January 1st; 1960                                                                              French-                                                                                                                                                                                           administered UN                                                                                                                                                                         trusteeship
Cape Verde                        July 5th; 1975                                                                                      Portugal
C.A.R                                     August 13th; 1960                                                                            France
Chad                                      August 11th, 1960                                                                             France
Comoros                              July 6th; 1975                                                                                    France
Congo                                   August 15th; 1960                                                                            France
Congo DR                            June 30th; 1960                                                                               Belgium
Cote d’Ivoire                      August 7th; 1960                                                                              France
Djibouti                               June 27th; 1977                                                                                 France
Egypt                                     February 28th, 1922                                                                        Britain
Eq Guinea                           October 12; 1968                                                                              Spain
Eritrea                                  May 24th; 1993                                                                                 Ethiopia
Ethiopia                                over 2000 years,                               (formerly)                        Kingdom of Aksu,                                                                                                                                                                        Never colonized
Gabon                                  August 17th; 1960                                                                            France
Gambia                                 February 18th; 1965                                                                      Britain
Ghana                                   March 6th, 1957                                     Gold Coast                          Britain
Guinea                                 October 2nd; 1958                                                                                France
Guinea Bissau                   September 10th, 1974
                                               September 24th, 1973                                                                         Portugal
Kenya                                   December 12th, 1963                                                                          Britain
Lesotho                                October 4th; 1966                                                                               Britain
Liberia                                    July 26th; 1847                                                                                 American                                                                                                                                                                                         colonization Society
Libya                                        December 24; 1951                                                                         Italy
Madagascar                           June 26th; 1960                                                                               France
Malawi                                     July 6th; 1964                                                                                  Britain
Mali                                          September 22nd; 1960                                                                 France
Mauritania                             November 28th; 1960                                                                 France
Mauritius                               March 12th, 1968                                                                           Britain
Morocco                                 March 2nd; 1956                                                                            France
Mozambique                        June 25th; 1975                                                                              Portugal
Namibia                                 March 21st; 1990                                                                              South African                                                                                                                                                                                 mandate
Niger                                     August 3rd; 1960                                                                              France
Nigeria                                  October 1st, 1960                                                                             Britain
Rwanda                                July 1st; 1962                                                                                      Belgium                                                                                                                                                                                           administered UN                                                                                                                                                                         trusteeship
SaoTomePrincipe                 July 12th; 1975                                                                              Portugal
Senegal                                     April 4th; 1960                                                                              France
Seychelles                           June 29th; 1976                                                                                 Britain
Sierra Leone                       April 27th; 1961                                                                                 Britain
Somalia                                 July 1st; 1960                               British Somaliland                Britain
                                                                                                            Italian Somaliland                 Italy
South Africa                      December 11th, 1931,
                                               April 1994(end of apatheid)       Union of South Africa       Britain
Sudan                                   January 1st; 1956                                                                              Egypt, Britain
Swaziland                            September 6th; 1968                                                                       Britain
Tanzania                              April 26th, 1964                                                                               Britain
Togo                                      April 27th; 1960                                                                                 French                                                                                                                                                                                             administered UN                                                                                                                                                                         trusteeship
Tunisia                                  March 20th; 1956                                                                            France
Uganda                                October 9th; 1962                                                                            Britain
Zambia                                 October 24th; 1964                                                                         Britain
Zimbabwe                           April 18th; 1980                                                                               Britain


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