Happy International Women’s Day! 2019

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Congratulations to all the Women.

In Nigeria, and in Africa join the world to celebrate “Women” on this special day set aside recognize and appreciate “Women” for all they are worth. We know how difficult it can be to be a woman. Most still believe your place is in the home, not at the head of corporations. Many believe there’s no reason you should stay in school, that to marry as early as possible, birth children, is your purpose.

African women are now taking there place in the internationally, and they have begun to demand more from the society, demand that they be treated equally and with respect and shown without doubt that they are not deficient of .

The push against child marriage has been on, even though a shocking number of our citizenry still see nothing wrong with it; the push against the cutting of girls – female genital mutilation; domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape and more are all on to give the woman her rightly deserved place in the society.

Women are Builders, Molders, Refiner and assets to every society, don’t allow anyone talk you down because the world will be so burring without you “Woman”.

So to every woman out there, happy International Women’s Day to you.

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