Why We love The Nigerian Queen Event “Nigerians Comment”

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In our bit to found out what is so special about the Nigerian Queen event and why its has recently become the talk of the Town “TellerAfrica Crew” Went into the Street to Sample opinion of individuals and these are some of the Comments we got from people
“In The Nigerian Queen Event  we get special varieties of Entertainment”
“I like the unique way that they design the Stage with different concept every year”
“All the Performing Artist on the Bill will always be in the Show”
“Their Queens are always very beautiful”
“My sister who contested last year said that the camp is fun and they learn a lot of things”
“The Nigerian Queen gives car to the winner”
“I Like Nigerian Queen Event Because of the girls, They have fine girls” ooooppzz
“They always bring Big Artist to the Show”
“They have Good and experienced judges”
“The Content of the Show is always Amazing
“The Nigerian Queen Event is the only Show i pay money to watch and i have had no regrets”
“The Packaging is always amazing”
“The Nigerian queen has great standard”
“no doll moment on the Nigerian Queen stage because there is dance, music, Run-way fashion display, comedy and lots more”
“Its always the talk of the town, I missed it last year so this year i have my ticket already” These are some of the few out of Many Amazing Comment from people about the Nigerian Queen event.

A personality who is Part of  the Organizers of  The Nigerian Queen event who Spoke to TellerAfrica Crew” had this to say …

“The Nigerian Queen Beauty pageant “Beauty for purpose” his been able to create a clear distinguishing factor from other pageantry in  too many ways, ranging from the line up of activities geared towards producing an all round beauty queen in intelligence and physical beauty, the Nigerian Queen Organizers provides good training and development platforms that enables the contestants to learn what being a beauty is all about,

Specialist in different areas of entertainment and life generally are brought to camp to introduce and teach their Kraft from Acting, fashion and style, modelling and pageantry coach, Fitness trainers, Dance trainers, Character building mentors, motivational speakers. all this and more form part of our primary assignment which is to build
Personality and
Confidence in the life of the contestants, so The Nigerian Queen pageantry is first, a learning ground for contestants with great benefits of social interaction which brings their dreams close to reality.
The Nigerian Queen has never failed in their co-operate social responsibility to the State and Nation,

The Good Welfare of the contestants is our top priority in camp and outside the camp, the Nigerian street is our market for raw material which we turn into a made product of a Glamorous Queen.

We have great regard for the money people pay for the ticket to our Show, so we take time in building content for our show to make sure people get value for the money they pay. On this Edition we promise you Nothing less than an Amazing Show”

Sat.10 June 2017 Check Out Design for full details

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