Muna Obiekwe, Popular Nollywood Actor Is Dead

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Talented and mind blowing Actor Muna Obekwe Is dead. The death of the Actor hit everyone by surprise.
He died in Lagos today in an undisclosed Hospital as a result of prolonged Kidney failure which he kept mute to himself for some time now.
Muna refused to disclose his ailment to the public to seek support from them but decided to linger on and help himself out of it.
A source close to Muna Obekwe said that the Actor did not want to come out to get pity or some horrible comments from the public but planned on organizing a stage play so as to raise the fund for the Hospital bills from it but the illness took over him and he did not live to see his planned stage play.
After his death, a fake twitter profile came up in his name stating that Muna Obekwe Is not dead therefore leaving the whole public confused.
Thorough investigations was made and it was confirmed to be true…it’s so sad that Nollywood has lost yet another fantastic star.. May his soul rest in peace…Amen

Muna Obiekwe, Popular Nollywood Actor Is Dead

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