Victoria Kimani – Not For Sale

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Sensational Kenyan singer, songwriter, and entertainer Victoria Kimani release her new music video called “Not For SaleVictoria Kimani’s song’s slogan #NotForSale challenges the cultural idea among men that a women’s love can be bought at a price.

The song has been receiving a lot of positive reviews since its release. Victoria Kimani has deliver one of the most creative videos we’ve ever seen.

Victoria Kimani is a brand ambassador to Maybeline New York, the first in Africa. She is a passionate supporter of women’s rights and is using her voice to highlight social issues for women.

Chasing her dream of using music to prompt behavior change, Victoria Kimani is a strong defender of her belief in human rights.

Even as a youngster she dreamt of reaching the hearts and minds of people and advocating for the causes that mattered most to her.

Victoria Kimani’s “Not For Sale” official music video is a gorgeous volley and a pleasure for your eyes.

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