Access Band And Diamond Bank Merging || No Need To Panic

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According to the CEO of Diamond Bank Plc Uzoma Dozie, in a meeting with Access Bank Plc, Herbert Wigwe CEO of the Bank. That the merging process of both banks would bring about economic expansion when it comes to marketing in Africa.

Following there meeting, the merging process would have to be completed after March 2019, According to Wigwe “Some development would be very necessary for us to retain to achieve the desired goal of making Africa a market hub”.

Talking about the account merger of both banks, he said customers wont have to worry when it comes to merging there accounts and details because customers would pick either of the bank accounts they want to operate (Diamond account or Access account). They discussed in an interactive session on January 16th 2018 held in Access Bank Head Quarters Lagos.

Wigwe also talked about the banks mobile app, he said upgrade has to be done to create customer ease and access to enable them reach the goal of making the bank Africa Marketing Hub.

Access Bank CEO further stated that eating up everything about Diamond Bank wont be necessary because the both banks will be to joining what they have gathered over the years to make their dream of becoming Africa’s Market Hub come through.


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