Bashir El-Rufai Said That He Would Not Appologise Except He is Beheaded Over Loved Up Photos

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  Bashir El-Rufai has hit back on social media users who criticized him for sharing loved-up photos of himself with his bride on Twitter.

 El-Rufai on Tuesday evening, November 17 posted photos of himself pecking and holding tight his bride on Twitter.

The loved-up photos have, however, stirred reactions on the bird app as some Muslims and non-Muslims considered as the photo ‘inappropriate’.

Reacting to the backlash on him on social media with respect to the photos, El-Rufai took to his Twitter account to address those criticising him as being ‘Stupid’.

He wrote: “If my pictures with my wife does not sit well with some & due to the various unsolicited opinions, I’d just like to use this opportunity to say that they are very stupid & if there’s any other way these pictures can make them feel worse than they already do, please let me know.”

Also, replying a netizen who hoped that El-Rufai did not apologise for his actions, the governor’s son wrote:

“I would rather I am beheaded than do that. God forbid. Faceless idiots? Lmao.”


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