Chief Olabode George, a Former PDP Deputy National Chairman, has added his voice on Ambassador Arapaja’s victory at the PDP South West congress, saying PDP party members and leaders are all winners for the way the congress was handled.

In a Tuesday statement, Bode George declared that now was the moment to heal any rifts within the party and work together to move party interests forward.

The party chieftain also congratulated the Oyo State governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde for his humility and fairness and extended it to the contestants on both sides as well as the party leaders.

He further noted that how they handled the Congress has given PDP members and all of Yorubaland renewed hope.

In his words; “The South-West Congress held in Oshogbo yesterday has injected and infused a new mandate of hope and renewal not only in the People’s Democratic Party but also across Yorubaland.

This is now the moment to mend the broken places, to reconcile and rebuild without any recourse to personal triumphalism. We are all winners.

I congratulate all the contestants on both sides of the divide. I congratulate all our leaders for their dedication and genuine commitment towards healing and reconciliation.

“And most importantly, I congratulate Governor Seyi Makinde for his humility, for his sportsmanship, for his sworn commitment to bring back the South-West to her deserved leadership status not only in the affairs of our party but in the reckoning of our national template,” Chief George said.

Bode George also noted that a new journey has started, new hope has risen, and the future looks promising for the PDP, saying that the Zonal congress at Osogbo has further shown the PDP’s commitment to peaceful engagements even when disagreements exist between party members.

He concluded his statement by saying that the PDP’s conduct has shown that party disputes and differences need not fester into violence.

Yes, democracy is about the pitting of ideas, the grappling with conflicting views and interests. But in the end, there is always an arrival at a consensus building, the initiation of compromise, the settlement of rifts through the pacific largeness of the ballot box,” he said.


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