COVID-19: Egyptian Engineer Builds Robot That Takes Covid-19 Test Samples

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An Egyptian engineer, Mahmoud El Komy has created a robot that takes Covid-19 test samples from suspected infected patients. This invention has contributed greatly towards the fight against the coronavirus fight.

Praised as a great one towards containing the virus and stopping the accidental spread of it to health workers, it takes swabs from patients’ mouths, Face2Face Africa reports.

The Egyptian engineer invested a whole month’s work to build the robot. Equipped with a temperature sensor, the machine can also detect faces that are without a mask. It has a teaching capacity as it dishes out healthcare advice to people.

“The robot has customized tasks for dealing with coronavirus. It has a mission, including detecting suspected COVID-19 cases, whether in public places, malls, banks, or airports.

He can measure a person’s temperature and if he detects that a person has a fever, he sounds an alarm,” El Komy said.

In a concentrated effort against the coronavirus, Rwanda acquired five humanoid robots aimed at reducing contact between medics and patients. The high-tech robots were launched at the Kanyinya Covid-19 Treatment Centre by the country’s Ministry of Health on Tuesday, May 19, as Rwanda took a fast leap ahead of its sister African countries in the battle against the ravaging pandemic.

China is using self-driving vans called Hercules to deliver foods and disinfect streets.

The vans have been doing the delivery and sanitization works for the past two months in 16 communities in Zibo, the eastern part of China.

Hercules makes use of lidars, cameras, and complex algorithms to get itself from one place to the other. It has the capacity to carry a cargo of up to 1,000 kilograms in its compartment.

The developer of the vehicle, UDI, has also been engaging a small fleet of the vans in other places like Suzhow and Shenzhen. They are especially used to deliver meal boxes to workers and disinfect areas near hospitals.

It should be noted that all the self-autonomous vehicles have made 2,500 trips.

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