COVID-19: Global Update From Johns Hopkins University

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Latest update from the Johns Hopkins University, United States show that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has surged to 10 million today Sunday 28th June 2020.

The platform shows that Covid-19 has infected 10,044,731 and killed at least 499,892 people globally.

The figure comes as numerous countries like the UK ease lockdown restrictions, yet the pandemic continues to course through nations.

Countries like Germany, which effectively handled the first wave, are seeing a rise in new infections — a problem that experts say will recur until a vaccine is found.

This is after initial cases were first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in mid-December, before continuing to spread across the globe.

The US leads with the most deaths and confirmed cases worldwide. There are at least 2,531,733 coronavirus cases and 125,691 deaths fromcoronavirus in the country.

These data keep changing as Johns Hopkins University receive updates.

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