COVID-19: Three Members Of Oyo State Exco Test Positive For COVID-19

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Governor Seyi Makinde announced in a tweet on Wednesday, 24th June disclosed that three members of the Oyo State Executive Council have tested positive for COVID-19 after the state government received confirmation tests for all members of the state exco.

Governor Makinde confirmed that three tests came back positive, while two were inconclusive and would need to be retested.

Governor Seyi Makinde therefore, called for prayers for the officials while wishing them a speedy recovery.

In his state, he spoke:

Earlier today, we received COVID-19 confirmation tests for all members of the Oyo State Executive Council (EXCO). Sadly, three tests came back positive, and two were inconclusive so they will need to be retested. The EXCO members have been contacted and contact tracing has begun. Also, their offices have been closed and will be decontaminated.

Let me reiterate that COVID-19 is still very much with us. That we are taking steps to re-open the economy does not mean that the virus has disappeared. We must each take actions to protect ourselves and our families. We must each own our actions and take preventive measures which include washing our hands with soap and water, wearing face masks whenever we are with other people and maintaining proper social distancing from others.

We also must not forget the various advisories the Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force has issued regarding what to eat to boost our immune systems. Sometimes, even after following all directives, we may still get the virus. When this happens, we need to have our bodies ready to fight this disease.

We all join in prayer for our colleagues who have come down with the coronavirus and wish them a speedy recovery.

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