Fashion Creative Personality “Kesiena Harry” Launch’s “Clothe a Child Africa” As He Celebrates His Birthday

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Nigerian based Fashion Creative Personality “Kesiena Harry” Who has being on The News for His great works in African Creative Fashion, took time out on his birthday to Launch a Foundation tagged “Clothe a Child Africa” this was made known to News Men following a Press Release From “Kesiena Harry” in the Early Hours of Sat.03 March 2018 in the city of Port Harcourt

Speech From “Kesiena Harry”
“Do you have that shirt that always gives you an extra confidence, or that trouser that always closes deals for you?

Millions of children around the world are born into a stark reality: will they work in markets or go to school? Will they be trafficked into slavery, or be free? Will they be child soldiers, or students? Will they always wear worn out clothes? Will they continue with low self-esteem and feel they don’t deserve the best things in life? Many children grow up in a daily life marked by violence; the images of war, abuse, persecution and loss of family. These traumatized children suffer depression, nightmares, loss of self-worth and often are the source of future aggression.

All children around the globe, no matter where they come from, have the rights to education, rights to health, rights to nutritive diet, rights to water, rights to care, and most importantly the right to be self-confident. The children who have the access to their rights grow as an independent individual who can break through the cycle of poverty be empowered to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it.

Clothes has a lot of functions but most importantly it protects the skin, it gives confidence and makes you feel special. What protect the skin? Gives confidence? And makes these less privilege kids feel special?

Clothe-a-childAfrica foundation is an initiative to collectively clothe 1000 kids in Africa aged 0-15years between March 2018 and March 2019. The aim is to restore the dignity and moral of these kids by protecting them, giving them confidence and making them feel special through clothes.

We all make clothes locally, there are usually remnants of fabrics after the outfit has been made. It is these remnants donated that would be used voluntarily by fashion designers & students to create unique clothing’s for these less privileged kids.

The 12 month period between both years would accommodate various phases in this program. First quarter would be used to source and sort fabrics from partnered fashion houses and institutes, second and third quarter would be used to produce these fashion items for kids while final quarter would be packaging and distribution to various parts of Africa.

The foundation would achieve 3 major objectives

· Clothe 1000 kids in Africa
· Reduce Fabric waste
· Empower and encourage fashion students to become better fashion designers.

So am calling on all well meaning Nigerians to Clothe a Child and change the world for good in any way that we can.

For Inquiries:

[email protected]
Instagram: @clothe-a-childafrica
Facebook: @clotheachildafrica

Twitter: @clotheachildafrica

CAll: +234 7061 092 787


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