Anyone who loves apple juice will know just how amazing La Casera has been in Nigeria and how The La Casera Company(TLCC) has been consistent with the quality of its flagship brand La Casera, making it the apple drink of choice for the last 20 years.

The brand recently unveiled a new look, ‘fresh vibes’ and a fun groovy tune to go with it. When asked the purpose of the rebranding, the Group Marketing Director, Mr Emmanuel Agu said that ‘in order to stay relevant to its young and vibrant consumers, La Casera must stay fresh, alive and innovative’.

He also said that the “launch of the new label with the bottle as the hero, allows La CaseraMr to create that fresh vibe that positively impacts perception and attract the teeming younger Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha”. The new-look comes with a yellow cap and a completely different label with an exciting myriad of colours but the same refreshing apple taste.

Even as the La Casera brand takes on this exciting fresh vibe to engage consumers; its producers have promised to constantly adapt to its essence to accommodate upcoming generations, fresh trends and cultures to stay relevant whilst always delivering top quality apple refreshment for everyone to enjoy. If you recall, La Casera showed massive support to the frontline workers and the public at large last year during the COVID 19 pandemic with the “La Casera Heroes Campaign” and “This is Not a Full Stop Campaign”.

The brand even partnered with online food vendors by giving them free drinks to reward their loyal customers and this further endeared La Casera to many as the brand that connects with consumers across the board. You can find the La Casera Apple Drink with the exciting new label on sale nationwide.


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