Nigerian Police Have Identified Hotspots For Arms Trafficking In Nigeria

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) through its Spokesperson of the Police, Frank Mba  has disclosure that it has uncovered the hotspots used by the criminal syndicates for arms trafficking in Nigeria.

The disclosure was made today Thursday 22nd April, when he featured as a guest on the ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ show, a programme on NTA.

Frank Mba disclosed that the hotspots are majorly the border areas across the country, adding that the unmanned borders offer easy passage for arms dealers.

Frank Mba also said that the force is also working towards apprehending persons involved in the manufacturing and export of small arms from Nigeria to neighbouring countries.

The police spokesman added that the police are working towards dismantling such criminal operations.

He said: “We’ve identified the hotspots for arms trafficking in Nigeria, and the hotspots are majorly the border areas. Today, these border areas are receiving a lot of attention from our men,” he said.

We’ve also come to understand very clearly the international dimensions of arms trafficking, and that’s why we are focusing on identifying, investigating and dismantling international arms smuggling syndicates.

“We have done that successfully from 2019 till now; in fact, for one of the syndicates, we tracked all the way from Saki in Oyo state through to Benin Republic, followed their route up to Burkina Faso, and picked up every single person involved.”

Mba, however, revealed how security agencies tracked a criminal syndicate from Nigeria to Burkina Faso and recovered thousands of AK-47 ammunition.

The police PRO noted that the police worked with other international agencies to apprehend the criminal syndicate.

We worked with INTERPOL, we worked with WAPOL, and from that particular syndicate, we recovered up to 6,000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition,” he added.


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