It has now been confirmed that Nigerian rapper, Sky B is not dead as the rumor implied earlier yesterday, 8th of October.

In the early hours of Tuesday, 8th of October, Nigeria Twitter was already making Rest In Peace trend due to the rumor the Rapper, Sky B, popularly known for his hit song “My Baby” had died due to heart attack.

While Twitter was already mourning the artiste, some reached out to his family only to find out that Sky B is alive.

The death rumor started when they saw a photo of him looking dead, but ironically he was in a movie set and that was just a scene of him acting dead.

This news was revealed by a Twitter user who lives close to him;

Ladies & Gents sky B isn’t dead please. sky B’s house isn’t far from mine & we are from d same place in PH, ‘Rukpakwolusi’ to be precise. His dad just confirmed it after talking to him on phone. He’s currently shooting movie in Owerri wer he had to Act dead.#SKYB is Alive biko


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