Okiki DFT: Don Jazzy Brought My Comedy Skits To Timelight

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A young and talented comedian,  Okiki DFT, whose real names are Daudu Tolulope, has credited as a music producer and musician, Don Jazzy, as the  one who  brought his comedy skits to the timelight.

The up and coming comedian is the new kid on the block, who is pulling all stunts to make it big in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Since hitting the Nigerian comedy stage through the social media space,  Okiki, who grew up and schooled in Akute, and is presently having his tertiary education at the University of Lagos, said “he does not feel he has reached his peak yet.”

Reacting to a question on who and what event brought him to the timelight, Okiki DFT, who has 11 names,  said: “I don’t think I am in the limelight like you would want it to be.”

But the skit that brought me to timelight, as you said earlier, was the one that Don Jazzy reposted; the one that I wanted to swim and I was told to swim would cost me N10,000.

And I had already dived to enter the water, but I just reversed.  It was actually reposted by Don Jazzy and from then followers started coming and my career took a turn for the better.”

It was really amazing how things could change from one point to the next just by something or someone identifying with what you are are doing.”


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