Sports: Ronaldinho Reaching Plea Deal Granted

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Ronaldinho one of Brazil and the worlds big names in football, and his brother Roberto de Assis are now set to leave the prison after their defence team agreed a plea bargain on Friday 7th August.

According to ESPN, the public prosecutor’s office has been directed to close the investigation against the two brothers and a judge will now fix a final hearing to confirm the terms.

The plea bargain included a guilty plea from the two men for entering Paraguay with fake passports and fines of $90,000 and $110,000 respectively.

A further information gathered revealed that Roberto agreed to a criminal record in Paraguay, but Ronaldinho’s record will be clean there.

Also included in the plea is that Ronaldinho can leave Brazil at any time, but must inform the Paraguayan officials how long he will be away. Roberto is not permitted to leave Brazil for two years.

The brothers must also present themselves to a federal judge in Brazil every three months during a period of two years.

Recall that Ronaldinho was arrested in March for entering the country with a false passport.

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