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Working for 35 years in Cross River is a big curse

The Chairman of Trade Union Congress TUC, in Cross River state, Com. Monday Ogbodum, has asserted that working for 35 years in the state Civil Service was now a curse instead of a blessing due to the hell pensioners go through before they were paid their gratuity.

Ogbodum made the assertion in an exclusive interview with Vanguard on Monday stressing that what would have been considered a blessing was now a big curse to pensioners following the I’ll treatment meted out on Senior citizens who gave their sweat and blood to the service of the state for a whole 35 years.

He said: “Normally, it is a thing of joy when you work and retire because you know that you would get your full entitlement for putting in such years, but the reverse is the case, many die while pursuing their money, it is not a privilege mind you, it’s their right, they worked for it, they put in their sweat, blood for 35 years, at the end they turn beggars.

“Imagine the wastage made with the so-called trip to France, what was the economic benefit of that trip by government, we even learned that about 500 million was allegedly expended on that trip, which could clear some of the things we are demanding.

“Of what use is the trip by the governor and the Local Government Chairmen to France.

“As I speak to you, I have not received September salary, since the salaries were now also paid in batches, but many of us who are affected are not bothered about that at all, because we know that freedom comes by struggle, we will go the whole nine yards on this matter, the government must listen to its workers,” Ogbodum said.