Teenager Shoots Himself Dead In California

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San Joaquin County Sheriff’s have commenced investigation on the death of a young boy who committed suicide at their home during an online class with his schoolmates.

The teenager whose name is revealed as Adan Llanos murdered himself using a gun on Wednesday, December 2 at their apartment in Califonia.

The tragic event reportedly happened during an online Zoom class which involved the deceased and his other classmates from his Woodbridge Elementary.

It was, however, unclear till this time how the child obtained the gun and from whom he obtained it from.

Given details of the incident, the Sheriff office noted that Llanos’s system camera and microphone were both turned off at the time the incident happened. Meanwhile, Llanos’s sister was said to be in another room in the apartment also attending the online class when her brother shot himself.

She rushed out to report the incident to their neighbour and her teacher who called for help.


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