Wike: NMA Is Playing Suspicious Politics With Covid-19

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Governor Nyesom Wike has faulted the claims by the Rivers State Chapter of the NMA stating that 22 doctors and 60 other health workers in the state have tested positive to Covid-19 infections in Rivers as misleading.

He said, “As key stakeholders who are supposed to partner with the State Government in fighting the pandemic, I am alarmed that NMA has become the people creating panic. I am more surprised that the Branch chairman who made the claim is not only a civil servant, but she heads an Isolation Center in the state.

“I’ve given everything required for the fight the pandemic, within available resources in Rivers. She is talking about the increase in health hazard allowances for medical workers.

Does it mean they will not be infected with the increment? COVID-19 respects no one. “We just lost a SAN, a very close friend. Nobody expected that to happen. The number she (Rivers NMA Chairman) gave is totally not correct.

And she talked about increasing infections, but we all know that when you are doing more testing numbers are bound to increase.

“Everybody knows what we are suffering on sabotage of our borders. NMA did not say how the sabotage is thwarting our efforts. The NMA chairman has joined politics. “There’s is more to it than meets the eye over her statements.

I welcome her to the political arena. I hope she will be able to stand, carrying propaganda, stories that are not correct.”

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